#MadeinBrazil #Madewithlove *AfterPay Available*

About us

Brazil Born is designed for today's versatile and creative women. Our limited-edition Beachwear and Activewear are inspired by art, culture, nature, music and adventure. Through the combination of comfort, personality, high quality and looks, we are bringing the Brazilian je ne sais quo to all women of Australia. Brazil Born dares to be effortless feminine and celebrates your body.


Created by a Brazilian lawyer who moved her office to the beaches of Australia, Brazil Born comes from a place where rules are made to be broken and you go to the beach to have fun, so you can be and wear what you want when you want. Brazil Born will make sure that you feel comfortable and look amazing at the same time.


I'm a huge fan of beachwear and activewear, so I know what I like and what I don’t like. When we were testing products, that became the test: when I wear Brazil Born products, where does it fall on the spectrum of things I like? In fact, Brazil Born products have my favourite shapes and colours from Brazil and are exactly what I would buy for myself”, Isabella Araujo.


We are 100% ethically made in Brazil with love. For the development of new models and collections, Brazil Born crosses the world back to the homeland in search of the latest trends, technology and new fabrics. Our collections express our purpose to embrace a happy, fun and active lifestyle. 



Isabella Araujo