Brazil Born First Authorial Swimwear Collection

Brazil Born Brazilian-made Swimwear Collection 

We are 100% ethically made in Brazil with love. That means our pieces are made by the best in the industry with high-quality and long-lasting fabrics. Our timeless styles and silhouettes, yet trendy,  are designed to be enjoyed for years and years. It's known that the high standards, quality, cut, fabric, shape and "bossa" of Brazilian swimwear is undeniable. 

Our Swimwear is produced with the highest technology available. The fabrics have an antibacterial treatment, chlorine resistance (creroa® highclo™), UV 50+ sun protection factor, aloe vera (skin hydration during use) and are all biodegradable. We use fabrics with Amni Soul Eco® technology, the world's first biodegradable polyamide yarn, which allows clothes made from it to decompose in less than 3 years when properly disposed of in landfills.

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